A division of parent company Creativity Inc., a 12-year industry leader and innovator of kids’ interactive entertainment, Creativity Mobile was founded by Charles and Sally Albert to address a serious need for quality content in the “app space,” the burgeoning world of downloadable puzzles, games, digital books, and other forms of interactive media to which today’s kids have constant, immediate access.

With the wealth of experience behind over 5,000 kids’ play and learning products, Creativity’s mission is to bring to the brave new world of mobile media the highest of standards in quality content and play value for parents and children everywhere.

Creativity Mobile’s onsite facilities boast multiple professional-grade recording studios, a workshop, tech room and playtesting lab. As part of the Creativity family, Creativity Mobile also has direct access to international manufacturers and factories through Inspire, Ltd. and to toy licensors all over the world through Funfare, LLC.

Taking advantage of its prime location in the Silicon Valley, Creativity Mobile has also taken on a leadership role in the local development community with its founding in 2010 of the Silicon Valley Apps for Kids Meetup Group, which hosts monthly, topical events on the various, ever-changing issues facing the industry.

With its incredibly experienced team of producers, game developers, composers, sound designers, artists and engineers, Creativity Mobile is poised to take apps for kids and families to the next level!


Creativity Mobile is in the process of developing some new and noteworthy mobile apps catered to children and would love to get some kids to try them out and give us feedback. We would love to play test these apps ourselves, but we are all grown-ups and therefore need little helpers to help us!

Want to get your child involved in being a part of the development process? Let us know! Sign up with our playtesting form here!