Adventures of The RokLienz: Part 1


Yuppi here!!!

Let me tell you about a FANTASTIC adventure we had the other day! Runkle Rux, Bleat, and I went to play a small show on Runkle Rux’s home planet, Futonia. We got invited to a small local “cafe”- similar to the ones you find on Earth and everyone else in the band was busy so only three of us went. We had heard a lot of good things about this cafe and so we were really, really excited to play!

On our way from Zurpek, my home planet, we accidentally ran into a meteoroid and had to pull over at the closest planet to get a few things fixed before we could make our way to Futonia. It took longer than expected, and we ended up being LATE to the cafe!!! I can tell you right now that we were feeling really bad about being late- usually we are SUPER EARLY! When we already heard music playing before we even got inside, we knew something was wrong. Why was live music being played in the cafe when we were supposed to be playing? Oh no!!

A local band, the Yazzargs, convinced the owner of the cafe to let them play instead of us because we were late even though we had beam-called the owner that we would be late. We asked the owner if we could play instead of the Yazzargs since we were supposed to be the ones playing- he said we should battle them for the spot! We told the Yazzargs if they wanted to and they said yes- any chance they could get to win against us would be great, they said.

We took out our instruments from their cases and we alternated the playing and at the very end of a heated and intense battle, the humungous crowd lined up on the side of the room that their favorite band was on. A huge amount lined up with us!! The Yazzargs looked so sad when they found out they lost so we let them finish their set before we went on- we even cheered for them! The Yazzargs are very talented- maybe one day we will ask them to tour with us!

We finished the rest of our small show without a hitch- we had lots of fun and made friends with a rival band!! Remember, everyone, you can always make a bad situation into an amazing opportunity!

Yuppi, beaming out!

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