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The Appy Ladies did an interview with our very own Charles Albert about RokLienz! Here is the interview below:

Q: When and why did you decide to develop this app?
Charles Albert: We are toy inventors and App developers always looking for inspiration and great partners. We fell in love with Dr Krinkles’ incredible characters after meeting him at the 2011 Las Vegas Licensing Expo and together we partnered to create the “RokLienz”: unique, adorable rokin’ characters from other worlds. The ideas for the interactive toy figures and Apps flowed out together.

Q: When did you first release this app?
CA: October 30, 2012 on iPad first, then updated soon after for all iOS devices.

Q: What is your favourite feature?
CA: We love being able to create unique musical arrangements and everyone loves bouncing the characters around on the stage and flinging them into the sky!

Q: Who is your favourite character?
CA: Like parents, we love all our characters – each is special in its own way. That said, Yuppi’s is many people’s favorite – they love her voice. Runkle Rux is also very popular and somewhat of the leader.

Q: What skills were you hoping to help the end user to develop?
CA: Creativity, music skills and social development! We want to encourage kids to use their creativity by putting together songs and making their own music video. The various customization features are also about celebrating differences, being unique and encourage tolerance and self-expression.

Q: What age range would this app most suit?
CA: Core would be 5-12, but we’ve seen young and old have a blast with the app. 2-4 year olds enjoy and readily navigate, and big kids up to 80 love it too!

Q: Are any new updates coming soon?
CA: Yes! We are working on a new feature which lets you create your own RokLienz avatars by taking, incorporation and customizing a picture of your face or faces from your photo library. We are also working on new additional songs and other features and content. We also hope to have the app out on Android in the near future.

They did a fantastic job with the interview- their website is Please check it out!

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