WIN an iPad Mini! 

Creativity Mobile and FingerPrint Play have joined hands to bring you an awesome promotion- win an iPad mini! Visit this page: and click “Keep Rocking” until you get to the contest entry page- don’t forget to have fun and rok out with the lovely boy and girl figures! Jazz them up with snazzy clothes! [...]

RokLienz: On Tour! Available NOW for Download! 

RokLienz: On Tour is now available for play on any iPad compatible with iOS supported by FingerPrint Play. Download it here:!-music-rhythm/id594876813

RokLienz: On Tour! Available on iTunes for iPad on July 3rd! 

Roklienz: On Tour! will be available on iPad on July 3rd! Keep on the lookout for the download link and other announcements for contests! Meanwhile, you can watch our amazing trailer for the game here:

Music Animation Machine NPR brings to us Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring part 1 with Stephen Malinowski, a composer, software engineer, and pianist with all recordings made by Jay Bascal. This video he created of the Rite of Spring visualizes the performance of the musical art piece. It is definitely amazing how many different ways art can [...]

Creativity Joins World Congress of Play! 

Creativity, Inc. in conjunction with Global Toy Experts, are proud to present World Congress of Play! This three night, two day conference will bring in leaders of industries such as digital games, board games, theme park, traditional toys and games or etc., together for the first time ever in one room. Taking place in San [...]

AppoLearning Gives DoReMi 1-2-3 A Great Review! 

Allie Hall from AppoLearning gave DoReMi 1-2-3 a great review! Recently, we participated in a Free App Friday which garnered a lot of attention. One of the most impressive reviews we’ve received is from AppoLearning, which gave DoReMi 1-2-3 a 96/100 score! Please read below for the rest of the review:   Why we love [...]

Adventures of The RokLienz: Part 1 


Yuppi here!!! Let me tell you about a FANTASTIC adventure we had the other day! Runkle Rux, Bleat, and I went to play a small show on Runkle Rux’s home planet, Futonia. We got invited to a small local “cafe”- similar to the ones you find on Earth and everyone else in the band was [...]

RokLienz Visits San Francisco 


Yellum here! We visited the Golden Gate Bridge recently because we’re scoping out cool places to go on tour! When we arrived to the famous bridge, I was disappointed; I thought it was going to be made of gold but the tour guide told me it was made out of steel! “No,” I thought to [...]

We Love RokLienz! 

  We love RokLienz so much that everyone at Creativity, Inc. wore their t-shirts together and took fantabulous pictures! Some of the people in the picture didn’t jump- can you tell? Either way, we had a great day and hope yours was just as amazing. You can get your own RokLienz shirt and more at [...]

DoReMi 1-2-3 Updates With New FingerPrint Play Platform! 

Today, DoReMi 1-2-3 Full and Lite released an update that integrated FingerPrint Play’s 2.0 platform on iOS. This means a better integrated safe-play platform and more fun for everyone! Download the updated version of the app here: [iOS]

RokLienz: First April 1st 


Runkle Rux here! I usually don’t like to blog or anything but today, Yuppi and Fizz played a prank on me. ): We started off today and I wanted to practice Yigg Yop in preparation for our upcoming concert. We gathered in the main room of the spaceship while traveling to Futonia, my home planet. [...]

Nearly There: Story Book App Review 

Nearly There's Storybook Cover

Nearly There is the first storybook app I’ve ever read (played?) through and I was apprehensive when Johanna, one of the writers, contacted me and requested I review their iPad app. How do you “play” a storybook? Do you actually play it? Would the story be too young for me and hard for me to [...]

Creativity Mobile Looking for Child Playtesters 


Creativity Mobile is in the process of developing some new and noteworthy mobile apps catered to children and would love to get kids to try them out and give us feedback. Want to get your child involved in being a part of our development process? Sign up with our playtesting form here!

Music is in Everyone! 

Although the debate between nurture and nature is still raging on, there are some studies that point to the idea that we are not all born tabula rasa. As Bobby McFerrin jumps around the stage, the audience sings back to him in notes according to where his new position on stage is. Note how the [...]

AppyChat with The Appy Ladies 

The Appy Ladies did an interview with our very own Charles Albert about RokLienz! Here is the interview below: Q: When and why did you decide to develop this app? Charles Albert: We are toy inventors and App developers always looking for inspiration and great partners. We fell in love with Dr Krinkles’ incredible characters [...]