RokLienz Visits San Francisco 


Yellum here! We visited the Golden Gate Bridge recently because we’re scoping out cool places to go on tour! When we arrived to the famous bridge, I was disappointed; I thought it was going to be made of gold but the tour guide told me it was made out of steel! “No,” I thought to [...]

RokLienz: First April 1st 


Runkle Rux here! I usually don’t like to blog or anything but today, Yuppi and Fizz played a prank on me. ): We started off today and I wanted to practice Yigg Yop in preparation for our upcoming concert. We gathered in the main room of the spaceship while traveling to Futonia, my home planet. [...]

AppyChat with The Appy Ladies 

The Appy Ladies did an interview with our very own Charles Albert about RokLienz! Here is the interview below: Q: When and why did you decide to develop this app? Charles Albert: We are toy inventors and App developers always looking for inspiration and great partners. We fell in love with Dr Krinkles’ incredible characters [...]

CES 2013 Experience 

YAPPI YUPPI Yuppi here! The RokLienz went to CES 2013 to show off the new toys and boy, we had a great time. The toys mentioned in the previous blog post were debuted and we were dancing with excitement! Many people passed by our booth where we had the toys and iPad out to test [...]

Invasion of RokLienz! 

While tinkering around in the labs of Dr. Krinkle’s Laboratory, Dr. Krinkles, a small scientist, recently invented a cloning machine that clones anything into toy form. Dr. Krinkles left the Toy Clone Machine wide open and when the RokLienz decided to do an impromptu jam session in the lab they fell into the machine, hit [...]

RokLienz: Voted #1 App of the Week 


RokLienz: Rok Out! was voted‘s #1 App of the Week for the week of December 31st to January 4th!

Interview with RokLienz: Runkle Rux 

After weeks and weeks of trying to talk to one of the RokLienz, I was recently able to sit-down with the super famous Hyper Guitar player Runkle Rux. He met me on Earth and answered some of my questions: ES: Who do you like to listen to? Runkle Rux: I like a variety of Rok [...]

Alienz on Earth? 

Recently, a rather large spaceship landed on Earth after being hurled through the galaxy. Folks at Creativity were the first at the scene and discovered alienz! However, they quickly found out these are no ordinary alienz. The otherworldly beings called themselves RokLienz and constantly played universe-blowing music. We, of course, realized we had to share [...]

RokLienz: Rok Out! is now available for download on all iOS devices on the iTunes store! 


Creativity Mobile, along with our partner, Dr Krinkles, is proud to announce the launch of our new, rok’n FREE musical app: RokLienz: Rok Out! It is now available for all iOS devices on the iTunes Store. With outrageous characters, wacky wardrobes, and out-of-this-world music, you can create your own unique music videos to watch and [...]