RokLienz: On Tour! Now Available for ALL iOS Devices! 

You read the title! Get it here: iTunes!

RokLienz: On Tour! Available NOW for Download! 

RokLienz: On Tour is now available for play on any iPad compatible with iOS supported by FingerPrint Play. Download it here:!-music-rhythm/id594876813

RokLienz: On Tour! Available on iTunes for iPad on July 3rd! 

Roklienz: On Tour! will be available on iPad on July 3rd! Keep on the lookout for the download link and other announcements for contests! Meanwhile, you can watch our amazing trailer for the game here:

Adventures of The RokLienz: Part 1 


Yuppi here!!! Let me tell you about a FANTASTIC adventure we had the other day! Runkle Rux, Bleat, and I went to play a small show on Runkle Rux’s home planet, Futonia. We got invited to a small local “cafe”- similar to the ones you find on Earth and everyone else in the band was [...]

CES 2013 Experience 

YAPPI YUPPI Yuppi here! The RokLienz went to CES 2013 to show off the new toys and boy, we had a great time. The toys mentioned in the previous blog post were debuted and we were dancing with excitement! Many people passed by our booth where we had the toys and iPad out to test [...]