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22 November, 2011

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DoReMi 1-2-3 is the first in a groundbreaking new series of kid-friendly, musical learning apps that encourages training of the musical ear!


DoReMi 1-2-3 is designed to engage kids’ creativity and tickle their funny bones! Using playful characters, unique musical sounds, and fun rewards, DoReMi 1-2-3 offers a cutting-edge twist on classic ear training techniques, teaching young ears how to differentiate between pitches and play real song sequences—all by ear! Learn how to play childhood melodies with cows, sheep, stars, and many other friendly characters in DoReMi 1-2-3, or play free mode and make your own musical creations.


  • Free Play encourages musical exploration and experimentation.
  • Record and play back your creations in 4 musical modes!
  • Play fun, ear-training games that teach pitch recognition and scale placement. Songs are strategically divided into musical building blocks for optimal retention!
  • Real-time artificial intelligence automatically adjusts to match your child’s level of mastery, guaranteeing fun rewards—and just the right amount of challenge—at all levels!


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Awards & Recognition

    • "Reached #1 iPad Music Game in the US"
    • "Won 2nd in Best Music Teaching App" Best App Ever Awards, 2011
    • "Top 10 Music Education Apps" Smart Apps For Kids

    Selected Reviews

      • "It was creative and engaging; something that is very important for an app to have."
        - Frances, One By One Education
      • "This game is no one-trick pony! You and your kids are going to have tons of fun discovering all of its little secrets!"
        - Lisa, Rockland Mother
      • "This app by Creativity Inc. trumps their competitors by incorporating numbers and colors into their beautifully illustrated musical world."
        - Allie Hall, AppoLearning
      • "The overall design is fantastic! Kid-friendly, intuitive, cheery, contains adorable characters."
        - Tracy Braatz, Best Apps For Kids
      • "This app from Creativity is an outstanding example of high quality early learning which has been developed by a team of experts."
        - Gill Robins, iPad App Reviews
      • "A fabulous app. We are REALLY enjoying it!"
        - Lorraine Akemann, Moms With Apps
      • "Fun and entertaining. Can you learn a song through this process? Yes."
        - Christopher J. Russell, Technology in Music Education
      • "I really enjoyed your app. I'll use it with all my young students, and recommend it for everyone!"
        - Michael Graham, professional cellist and teacher
      • "I absolutely loved your App. I couldn't say enough when I was playing the game... It made you want to learn and not stop."
        - Dawn Harms, professional conductor, violist and teacher
      • "My kids love it! They keep going back to it. Bravo!"
        - Candace Guirao, professional violinist, teacher, and mother of two
      • "This is definitely an app I wouldn't mind letting Jack play with more... because you actually learn things -- colors, numbers, shapes, and all about music."
        - Mrs. Clark, Clarks Condensed
      • "The verbal instructions are fabulous with just the right amount of encouragement and the interface is really fun, bright and colourful."
        - Eleanor Holland, Smart Apps for Kids
      • "I like the pandas who go wo-wo-ro-wo-mi-mi-miee!"
        - Nick, age 10

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      DoReMi 1-2-3 Credits

      Sally Albert, Charles Albert, Joshua Garrett

      Jessica Wu

      Joshua Garrett, Gene Wang, Jessica Wu
      Gameplay Designers

      Maybelline Chow
      Digital Artist

      Angela Chung, Julia Edholm
      iOS Programmers

      Craig Fry
      Sound Designer

      Molly Garrett
      Voice Talent

      Nancy Zwiers
      Funosophy: Founder and CEO

      We Software Ltd.
      Android Programming

      Fingerprint Digital, Inc.
      iOS Partner

      Android Partner

      iOS Partner

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