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30 October, 2012

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We are toy inventors and App developers always looking for inspiration and great partners. At the 2011 Las Vegas Licensing Expo, we fell in love with Dr Krinkles’ incredible characters and together we partnered to create the “RokLienz”: unique, adorable rokin’ characters from other worlds. After months and months of planning and developing, this app was finally released. We are happy to present rokin' alienz that people of all ages can enjoy!


Rokin’ alienz have landed on Earth and are gifting their new Earthling friends with rokin’ music! Change up your RokLienz friend’s wardrobe in the dressing room and get ready to play a concert on different planets and settings. Make the RokLienz play crazy, electrifying solos or have them jump and dance! You can even throw them across the screen for an intense entrance and exit on stage. Play the game and use the different RokLienz: Rok Out Concert! game functions to unlock more galactic songs for your set list. Got ultimate out-of-this-world concerts you want to show everyone? Record them and share them with your friends!


  • Free to play!
  • Play with 4 different rok'n characters for free.
  • Customize your band members in the dressing room.
  • Unlock more songs as you play!
  • Perform in other planets and a variety of sets as a background!
  • Record your own music video, play it back, and share it with all your friends!


Trailer YouTube

FingerPrint Play Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube

Roklienz: Harlem Shake! YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "4.5/5 Star Reviews" The iMums, What's on iPhone, Smart Apps For Kids
    • "#1 App of the Week" iHeartThisApp.com, 31 December 2012 - 4 January 2013
    • "Good Free App of the Day" Smart Apps For Kids, 6 February 2013

    Selected Reviews

      • "Remember my Toca Band review? I concluded that it was a great app but I wished for more customizations and songs. Guess who has made me happy? RokLienz: Rok Out Concert! The simplest controls, colorful animations and the availability of many songs surely meets the recipe for a children’s hit."
        - Roshan, Whats On iPhone
      • "Very rarely do I test a kids app and then go back and play it myself, but this one I have. Maybe deep down I still want to be a rock star."
        - Ron, Smart Apps For Kids
      • "There's lots to get excited about here… what’s not to like?"
        - Deanne Shoyer, Smart Apps For Kids
      • "It's pure fun."
        - , Kids Best iPad Apps
      • "The graphics are fun and crazy, the characters are so bizarre you want to take them home."
        - , A Byte of This N That
      • "I really enjoyed this App and my little girl thought it was incredible, and kept showing me all the new bands and videos she had made!"
        - , I Love App Store
      • "I know, they look kinda silly, but I found myself creating a band and my son tugging on me, begging to have my phone back so he could play!"
        - Angela Christopher, Xtreme Qpon
      • "Alice loves this APP!! I really think your kids will enjoy this too!!"
        - Connie, Peanut Butter and Whine
      • "The bright graphics are cute and the freedom to design a stage show engages creativity."
        - Amber, Free N Clear
      • "This fun and musical app instantly won over my children and I!"
        - , Miss Frugal Mommy
      • "What would be more fun than your little one being at the helm of his/her own rock band? Being at the helm of an alien rock band, of course!"
        - , Rockland Mother

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      RokLienz: Rok Out Concert! Credits

      Sally Albert, Charles Albert, Joshua Garrett

      Jessica Wu

      Joshua Garrett, Jessica Wu
      Gameplay Designers

      Maybelline Chow
      Digital Artist

      Angela Chung, Julia Edholm, Casey Litton, Yadong Liu, Jessica Wu
      iOS Programmers

      Craig Fry, Martin Irigoyen, Baxter Robertson
      Composers and Sound Designers

      Craig Fry, Molly Garrett, Martin Irigoyen, Monika Jung, Noah MacKenzie, Baxter Robertson, Nathan Seifert
      Voice Talents

      Joshua Fields
      Dr. Krinkles Lab: CEO and Artist

      We Software Ltd.
      iOS Programming

      Chinese iOS Development and Marketing

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