RokLienz: First April 1st


Runkle Rux here! I usually don’t like to blog or anything but today, Yuppi and Fizz played a prank on me. ):

We started off today and I wanted to practice Yigg Yop in preparation for our upcoming concert. We gathered in the main room of the spaceship while traveling to Futonia, my home planet. As we gathered in, I was SO sleepy that I didn’t realize something was off. Munching on Cherry Jalapeno popcorn, we warmed up to practice but Yuppi and Fizz played their instruments SO BADLY!! Kerm lorm!! ):<

I told them that we had a show soon and we had to be serious. I didn’t understand why they kept laughing at me! What a surprise- it turns out that Yuppi and Fizz had changed their clothing and pretended to be each other throughout the entire day.

The RokLienz are still new to Earthling traditions and I didn’t realize that to fool one another is a sacred tradition that everyone must do today! I wonder what I can do to fool Yuppi and Fizz…

–Keep rokin’!
—- Runkle Rux

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