RokLienz: On Tour! Available NOW for Download!

RokLienz: On Tour is now available for play on any iPad compatible with iOS supported by FingerPrint Play. Download it here:!-music-rhythm/id594876813

2 thoughts on “RokLienz: On Tour! Available NOW for Download!

  • When will be able to purchase Monster Roklienz toys/figures that you demonstrated ? I have an 8 year old who is pro with your app – loves it- and has been waiting for “fall 2013″ anxiously! Today is the first day of Fall and here he is asking me for Monster Roklienz.

    • Hi Natalie! Unfortunately due to circumstances we could not have forseen, we will not be launching the toys/figures like we would have hoped- the spaceship with all the toys got sucked in a black hole, and might not ever see the light of the stars! We do have t-shirts (in kid sizes too!!) that are available for purchase here: – Runkle Rux says the green one is very fashionable and always tells me to wear mine.

      Let me know if you have any questions- we are also very sad that the toys did not launch properly. ):

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