RokLienz: On Tour

ROK out to THIS!

From the producers of RokLienz: Rok Out Concert! and partner Dr. Krinkles comes the second installment of the RokLienz app series!
Join the RokLienz tour the universe, jam to the music, and fill those seats with fans. Together, you can win the title “Best Band in The Universe!” and help the RokLienz become super famous!

Follow the RokLienz through their own adventure!

RokLienz: On Tour! follows the amazing story of Runkle Rux, Yuppi, and Klimp! Each RokLienz is faced with a challenger from the same home planet – help Runkle Rux, Yuppi, and Klimp become the best performers on their planet by scoring as high as you possibly can. Help them out-perform their home-world challengers and rise to the stars to become the best band in the universe!

Play to the beat!

Keep the RokLienz on beat and avoid getting thrown food from the audience by timing your finger taps just right. This will help them play to the music just right and win the hearts of the audience. Along the way you’ll unlock a variety of handy power-ups that boost their score, prolong their combos, or even call forth a shower of meteorites to rain down with cosmic style!

Just ROK out!

On Tour! features many different and awesome songs with three different planets. Each planet has 12 levels, with a total of 36 levels that need to be completed and can only be done so with YOUR help. Love a challenge? Try to max out all of the ratings and get the highest score you can!

On Tour will be available on the iPad JULY 3RD, so keep checking your iTunes store!