RokLienz: Rok Out!

Ready to ROK?!

From the producers of award-winning music learning app, DoReMi 1-2-3, and partner Dr. Krinkles comes a unique and innovative new way to make music. Get ready to rok out with rokin’ alienz from outer space! Create your perfect out-of-the-world concert by playing a truly entertaining game that incorporates galactic fun!

Customize your whole rokin’ experience!

You control every aspect of each RokLienz concert – who performs, what they wear, and even where they play! With 9 stages to choose from, you get to decide where your sold-out show will take place. No matter how you set up the concert, your music will always be different.

Watch their electrifying solos as they fly around the stage!

Just touch any of the rockin’ alienz to start them playing, and touch ‘em again to give them a break. Usually the RokLienz play awesomely just on their own, but you can supply an extra kick to their shows when you want! Hold your finger on any RokLienz in the band to start them on an electrifying solo. Better yet, fling them when you’re done and watch them fly across the stage, rockin’ all the way!

Record your videos and share them anywhere!

What ‘s better than making music on your own? Making music videos for everyone to watch! An in-app recording feature allows you to record your band’s rok-tacular performance to watch later or to show off to your friends and family!