RokLienz Visits San Francisco


Yellum here!

We visited the Golden Gate Bridge recently because we’re scoping out cool places to go on tour! When we arrived to the famous bridge, I was disappointed; I thought it was going to be made of gold but the tour guide told me it was made out of steel!

“No,” I thought to myself, “the tour guide is lying!” So I BIT REALLY HARD into the bridge to test if it was made out of gold. Gold is more common than steel on my planet Sapindok- we find it EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately… the tour guide didn’t lie and the bridge was actually made of steel. Good thing we Sapindokians have super strength jaws though. Instead of getting hurt, I took a bite out of the Golden Gate Bridge… Oops!! Next time you visit the Golden Gate Bridge, try to find my bite marks!

We had a lot of fun visiting San Francisco and WE WILL BE BACK HERE… on tour!!

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