Ding! Dong! Coconut!

AppIcon_TransparentThe wacky memory game of sounds and words for the Google Home and Google Assistant! Listen for the sound, and see if you can remember what you have to say. For 1-4 players or teams, it’s a new way to play!





AppIcon_DRM_268x268DoReMi 1-2-3 is a kid-friendly, musical learning app designed to engage kids’ creativity and tickle their funny bones! Using playful characters, unique musical sounds, and fun rewards, DoReMi 1-2-3 offers a cutting-edge twist on classic ear training techniques, teaching young ears how to differentiate between pitches and play real song sequences—all by ear!








From the producers of award-winning music learning app, DoReMi 1-2-3, and partner Dr. Krinkles comes a unique and innovative new way to make music. Get ready to rok out with rokin’ alienz from outer space! Create your perfect out-of-the-world concert by playing a truly entertaining game that incorporates galactic fun!




AppIcon_OnTour_268x2681RokLienz: On Tour! follows the amazing story of Runkle Rux, Yuppi, and Klimp! Each RokLienz is faced with a challenger from the same home planet – help Runkle Rux, Yuppi, and Klimp become the best performers on their planet by scoring as high as you possibly can. Help them out-perform their home-world challengers and rise to the stars to become the best band in the universe!